Set out to make a difference

Antje Conzelmann

During the final seven years of my long career with Lufthansa AG, my main focus was advising on change processes and monitoring and implementing a process-oriented structure. As an internal consultant, I was responsible for designing and presenting various workshops and management conferences at board level.
A significant part of my consulting work was devoted to the coaching of executives and management teams. My previous experience included operations, sales, product management and staff development. At Star Alliance, I was appointed to a management role in marketing.

In 2014, I set up my own consultancy company focusing on change management, innovation and communication consulting, executive coaching and facilitation.

Furthermore: How can companies become more innovative? How can they foster a culture of creativity within their teams so that they can launch new products and services onto the market in ‘no-time? These are the kinds of questions that I probe into as part of my research activity, in addition to conducting interviews with innovative entrepreneurs in order to gain new insights. This also feeds into my work as a consultant and coach.

Additional Qualifications

  • Scrum Master
  • Design Thinking Coach
  • Systemic Organisational Consultant – Prof. Fritz Simon
  • Certified Systemic Coach  European Business School –  Prof. Backhausen
  • Certified in public speaking, Dialectic and Facilitation
  • Trained in body language and presentation skills –  Prof. Samy Molcho

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Theel

Digital Innovation and Strategy Consulting

I help companies and their staff to make innovation part of their daily routine so that they can be more successful commercially. To achieve this, I create new business ideas with my client and further develop existing business models, products and services. By developing innovation and digital competencies for both management and staff, I can ensure that companies become fit and independently stable for the future.

Cornelia Sengpiel

Management Consulting, Executive Coaching and Human Resources

The common theme throughout my professional and personal life has always been ‚Change‘. I am passionate about finding a smarter way to reconcile business objectives, customer value and the personal goals of stakeholders. My aim is to successfully and sensibly create change for both the company and the individual.

Facher Qader

Agile Coach

„Managers work with processes, Leaders work with people.“ John C. Maxwell

I believe that every organisation needs both managers and leaders and, as a coach, I have the pleasure of working with both!

Prof. Hedwig Fassbender

Mezzo / Professor of Voice/ Systemic Coach

Mein Coaching hilft Ihnen beim Gewinnen einer klaren inneren und äußeren Haltung, die authentisches, überzeugtes und überzeugendes Auftreten möglich macht.

Mathias Hermann

Sprechen / Präsentation / Coaching

Ich unterstütze Fach- und Führungskräfte im optimalen

  1. Intern in Präsentation und Moderation
  2. Extern in Kommunikation mit Medienvertretern – TV und

Martin Kloss

Story Coach & Speaker Trainer

I help you create a personal, memorable and impactful story for your presentation or speech and empower you to deliver an authentic, powerful and fun performance.

Dr. Cornelia Stadlbauer

Systemische Organisationsberatung und Coaching

Mit meinen rund 10 Jahren Beratungserfahrungen mit Führungsverantwortlichen und Entscheidungsträgern unterstütze ich Sie in einem co-kreativen Prozess bei der Gestaltung von Lern- und Veränderungsprozessen und der Entfaltung von Potenzialen. Bei der Entwicklung von Ergebnissen für Ihre unternehmerischen Herausforderungen leitet mich ein lösungsfokussierter Beratungsstil mit innovativen Methodenkompetenzen.